About  Troy Lighting

About Troy Lighting

For over 50 years, Troy Lighting has transcended time and redefined handcrafted workmanship with the creation of strikingly eclectic, sophisticated casual lighting fixtures distinguished by their unique human sensibility and characterized by their design and functionality.

We—our California-based team of experts, craftsmen, experimentalists and influencers—are not just industry leaders, but industry disruptors. We dismiss trends, break down divisions between styles and reject the cold, mechanistic perfection of purely automated manufacturing. We rewrite the rules of lighting design with a shameless humanism, forging diverse and innovative fixtures uniquely treated by the human hand and thoughtfully devised for the human eye. We reinstate a focus on the consumer, developing products that elicit emotions and draw connections.

We push the boundaries of design. Our product offerings go beyond established classical, industrial and natural style categories while nodding to each, proving that we are not bound to a single classification but to our capacity to masterfully reinterpret a long history of design. We extract fascinating elements of style and fuse these with modern principles of innovation, acting as reasoned experimentalists. Our lighting fixtures aren’t the result of a formula, but are the product of expert eclecticism guided by a strong sense of intuition and a tinge of audacity. We call this aesthetic—which allows us to be simultaneously modern and anachronistic, timelessly familiar and enduring—“sophisticated casual.”

Our aesthetic is the logical consequence of us channeling inspiration from different regions of experience, pulling and reworking ideas from collective human memory. We look to pop culture, history and the natural world, isolating the smallest details from these spheres of influence to incorporate in our own fixtures.

We utilize only the highest quality materials. Our materials are the result of extensive, thoughtful sourcing. Our discerning specialists select attractive and robust iron and steel, glass and textiles (among a variety of other materials) from a group of experienced suppliers, consistently exploring new and unusual resources to find the uncommon, the exceptional. Our rich catalog of interior and exterior lighting products showcases the diverse set of high-end materials we use in our fixtures.

We emphasize handworked artistry and the capabilities of human craftsmanship. Our masters of craft bend, forge and weld raw materials into final products, showing not only a profound knowledge of the materials they work with, but an unwavering attention to detail and a measure of ingenuity. With precision, well-executed know-how and creative vision, our craftsmen provide Troy Lighting with its dimension of uniqueness, as each individual fixture shows traces of the human hand.

With vision, a commanding sense of design and functionality and an ever-present willingness to experiment, Troy Lighting unsettles the rules of interior and exterior lighting, introducing fixtures that are distinctly unique and conspicuously human.

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