Rustic yet refined, French style kitchens blend elegance and beauty with down-home charm. Accented by antique and weathered decor, at its heart the French style kitchen is anchored by traditionally-inspired sinks, faucets and lighting fixtures that capture a provincial feel. Here is a look at some of the inspiring ways Troy can illuminate a French style kitchen.

Evoking a rustic farmhouse feel, Rise & Shine (bottom) is a weathered industrial pendant formed from hand-worked iron with a rust patina finish. The design is made from individual steel iron panels which are fabricated and welded together by hand. The unique finish is created using an expedited rusting process which is then clear coated, resulting in a one-of-a-kind piece.

For a more glamorous effect, Pierre (right) exhibits a modern vintage aesthetic with Parisian flair. The traditional chandelier form features flowing strings of facted crystal elements and smooth pear-shaped crystal drop accents draped from hand-worked iron framework finished in distressed gold leaf.

Romantic and whimsical, Amélie (left) is a delightful lumière. Perched inside a Parisian bird cage adorned with clear crystal drops and fleurs-de-lis is a petite chandelier made of optical crystal glass beads in a traditional chandelier cluster with flame tip candles. The cage framework is made of hand-worked wrought iron finished in Provence rust with gold leaf accents.