During the Cold War era, space exploration and new technologies gave birth to the Atomic Age of design. The launching of the Soviet’s Sputnik satellite inspired a generation of lighting designers to create a new style of fixture with the same name. Troy Lighting is reviving these mid-century marvels that are still taking the design world by storm and breathing new life into the style. Here’s a look at some of our latest Sputnik designs.

Evoking fluttering dragonfly wings, Dragonfly (top left) is a unique and dynamic Sputnik design. Radiating aluminum blades in a warm satin leaf finish are attached to a central hub via stems and holders with decorative rivets. The rich finish, which is created from a silver leaf stained gold, creates refraction, causing the blades to pop. 

Equilibrium (top right) achieves delicate design stasis through a playful balance of textures and shapes. The Sputnik style fixture features an inner hub with radiating hand-worked iron arms finished in textured bronze. Each arm ends in a brushed brass disc counterbalancing a gleaming glass shade in plated topaz, which offers a cool mirrored effect that beautifully diffuses the light.

Nebula (bottom) isn’t your ordinary Sputnik fixture. Possessing a mid-century modern feel that defies tradition, Nebula’s unusual and asymmetrical form is created by multiple-sized opal white glass globes attached to batons bursting forth from a shining center. Each baton is made of hand-worked wrought iron and finished in carbide black with polished silver accents.