Synonymous with great ideas, the light bulb brings to mind limitless possibilities. Perhaps that’s why the exposed bulb lighting trend has been permeating the design world and shows no signs of fading away. This simplistic deconstruction strips away ornamentation to focus on function, resulting in a look that’s both bold and appealing. Here’s a look at some of our bare bulb designs that will have you rejoicing in naked and minimalist design. dragonfly


Evoking fluttering dragonfly wings, Dragonfly is a unique and dynamic Sputnik design with exposed bulbs. Radiating aluminum blades in a warm satin leaf finish are attached to a central hub via stems and holders with decorative rivets. The rich finish, which is created from a silver leaf stained gold, creates refraction, causing the blades to pop. jackson


Possessing the mechanical flavor of early 20th century design, Jackson illuminates handcrafted industrial details with a row of evenly-spaced, early electric lamps. The chandelier, available in a multiple of configurations, is made of hand-worked wrought iron finished in copper bronze. pike

Pike Place

Taking cues from Seattle’s historic downtown public market, Pike Place combines handcrafted industrial details that mix the rustic and mechanical flavor of early 20th century design. Pike Place is constructed of hand-worked wrought iron, finished in shipyard bronze, and features manila rope suspension.