The history of the French chandelier begins in medieval France, when plain iron chandeliers held tallow candles aloft for light. The style evolved in the 17th century when the addition of glass and rock crystal beads as well as detailed flowers and casings transformed chandeliers into the embodiment of decadence and luxury – as seen in the Palace of Versailles. Since then, French chandeliers have evolved into many different types and styles, including more rustic varieties, but still retain their lavish ornamentation and reputation. Inspired by this rich history, we present some of our diverse, luxurious and impeccably crafted French chandelier designs.

Viola (top left) by Troy Lighting[/caption] Viola is a simply beautiful chandelier, perfectly encapsulating French Empire style. The traditional chandelier form features flowing gold chains and strings of faceted crystal beads. The leaf-shaped crown, ring center and arms are finished in distressed gold leaf. Flame tip lamps in leafy candle holders attach to the fixture via curvy, hand-worked iron arms adorned with handmade Venetian glass drops. The fixture is capped off with a faceted crystal ball finial on the bottom.

Channeling the rich artistic heritage of the French region that shares its name, Montparnasse (top right) is a Parisian delicacy. The beautiful chandelier’s hand-worked iron frame is made using flat bar construction, a technique that has been in place even before chandeliers were made for electricity and light bulbs. The frame is finished in antique silver leaf and adorned with authentic French wiring and clear crystal and glass drops and beads. In addition, the optical crystal glass bobeches and column beautifully catch the light.

Inspired by the French region that shares its name, the Calais (bottom) collection features hand-carved aged wood finished with distressed gold leaf. The traditional design displays curvaceous metal arms finished in antique French gold, while detailed, faceted wood drops hang from the chandelier’s shapely arms and leaf-shaped crown. [caption id="attachment_940" align="aligncenter" width="576"]Le Marais by Troy Lighting

Le Marais (left) is an example of Troy Lighting’s ability to beautifully juxtapose rustic and refined elements. Mixing finely cut crystal, gold leaf and distressed wood accents with classic lines and influences, the collection’s highlight is its illuminated, scalloped floral crystal pattern.

Bordeaux (right) beautifully juxtaposes the rustic look of hand-worked wrought iron with the quality of flowing lines and ornate embellishments. It features hand-carved wood accents finished in distressed gold, large and small crystals, and hand-worked iron finished in Parisian bronze. Designed to replicate a European antique collection illuminated by wax candles, the frame is constructed out of hand-cut solid bar and external French wiring.